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TREP version history

This page contains information about all released TREP versions. Newest release is placed at the top of the list. Blueish label marks notable version. Hyperlinked label marks downloadable old version build.




0.76 rev. 5

14 Mar 2007

(FURR): Added requirements.
Minor interface fixes.

0.76 rev. 4

19 Feb 2007

(DRACO): Added fully-functional search feature.
(DRACO): Fixed start-up developer mode run-time error.

0.76 rev. 3

26 Jan 2007

(DRACO): Added infobox vertical scrollbar for long descriptions.
(DRACO): Fixed parameter list borders with long parameter names.
(DRACO): Fixed preset trashing if old parameters are no longer used.

0.76 rev. 2


(DRACO): Fixed dependencies loading.


24 Jan 2007

(Main): Advanced savegame management option (creates extra add-on 12k savegame).
(FURR): One-shot option is now TRUE one-shot.
(DRACO): Fixed preset parameter emptying when saving after start-up.
(DRACO): Added graphical requirement markers with msgbox tooltips.
Extra savegame finally allowed to store custom savegame data.


22 Jan 2007

(DRACO): Max. parameter slots increased from 9 to 30.


07 Jan 2007

(DRACO): Fixed CondBehave value importing.
(Text): Added window title.

0.75 rev. 2


(FURR): Optimized constant scanners, fixed hex constant workaround, removed bugged jump method from racetimer editor.



(FURR), (RT): Support for CALL and JMP LONG commands via slash markers.
(FURR): Increased max. overall amount of commands/constants from 255 to 65535.
(FURR): Removed unused add-on flipeffect compiler.
(DRACO): Added resetting to defaults when reloading patch set.
(Enemy): Fixed Von Croy HP resetting to defaults.
(Light): Fixed flare lifetime crouch position blocking.
With CALL and JMP LONG commands it was finally possible to assign ANY TR4 engine code to ANY custom racetimer event or flipeffect.

0.745b rev. 6

29 Dec 2006

Splash screen improvements, fixed Von Croy HP defaults.

0.745b rev. 5


Added offset map ([OUT] → show map)

0.745b rev. 4


Fixed DRACO patch export feature, error handlers optimized.

0.745b rev. 3


Fixed «Type mismatch» error on comma-decimal PCs.

0.745b rev. 2


(DRACO): Parameter box vertical auto-resize added.



(DRACO): Added multi-parameter mode (up to 9).
(DRACO): Added dependencies feature.

0.744 rev. 3

30 Nov 2006

(Sound): Fixed ricochet sound option.

0.744 rev. 2


(FEditor): Added pre-post one-shot switch.



(Main): Fixed possible save/load errors with object limit increaser.



(FEditor): Added «ghostly» CURR_FLIP parameter type (for advanced users).
(Light): Minor interface fixes.
(Main): Interface fix — «modify» button blocked until preset load completed.
(Main): Interface fix — dumb «syntax» message boxes renamed to «command».
(Main): TREP info extended.
(Console): Added shortcut commands (QUIT, MODIFY, RESET etc.).
(DRACO): Fixed numerous bugs with parameter value saving.
(DRACO): Added trim function (very useful when trimming OllyDbg hex values).
(DRACO): Added middle mouse button clipboard paste shortcut.


18 Sep 2006

(RTEditor): Added alternate racetimer workaround (call method).
(DRACO): Added conditional tooltip for patch title, more space for info box.
(DRACO): Added search function.
Bugfix (Credits): Fixed wrong line indication during keyboard input.
Bugfix: Runtime errors in silent patch mode.

0.74a rev. 2A

24 Aug 2006

Bugfix (DRACO): Parameter value gets corrupted when jumping between patches.
Bugfix (DRACO): Signed integer parameter filtering on textbox lostfocus.

0.74a rev. 2


Bugfix: flipeffect/racetimer codes are not saved in .tps preset file if there was no description or it was first preset.
Bugfix: preset corruption when custom DRACO patch set is loaded.
Bugfix: RTEditor line number label was not visible.



Secret level workaround extended with ALL possible statistic parameters.
Added DRACO module for custom patch sequences.
Added patching progress-bar (useful when tracking problems).
Added console (~).
Preset saving optimized (no more dummy FEditor/RTEditor entries).
Fixed preset corruption with more than 255 RT/FE slots.
(Camera) Fixed FOV overrider (now won't reset when exiting inventory).
(GFX2) Fixed wrong character filtering in some textboxes.
(FEditor) Now also should work with anim command flipeffects.
DRACO module was the most revolutionary TREP update, cause it allowed to develop ANY patches by ANY person without modifying TREP code itself. Since then, almost all major updates were introduced with DRACO module, and TREP wasn't updated anymore with new features.

0.73a R2

02 Aug 2006

(Trap) Added one-block platform enabler.
First TREP version that allowed you to enable previously disabled TR4 engine object.



Added particle buffer increaser. Distant fog override removed (too obsolete).
(GFX2) Sprinkler options extended.
(Weapons) Added automatical weapon change disabler and crossbow flametail.
(Inventory) Limited pistol ammo feature now simplified.

0.72a rev. 9.4

26 Jul 2006

(Light) Added long-awaited option to change flare lifetime.

0.72a rev. 9.3


(Inventory) Limited pistol ammo function re-done.
(FEditor, RTEditor) Added hotkeys.

0.72a rev. 9


(HP) SAS grenades bugfix now works more stable.
(Sound) Added old-school TR1-like ricochet sound enabler.

0.72a rev. 8


(HP) Added SAS grenades bugfix.
(Bar) Added gradient bar options (thanks to Harly Wuson!).

0.72a rev. 7


Added static meshes increaser (from 60 to 240).
(Inventory) Added Item Configurator.
(GFX2) Added option for water distortion speed.
Static mesh increaser option was widely acclaimed and provoked notable WadMerger update to support additional static mesh slots. Also, item configurator was one of the most useful inventory customizer's options in matters of the gameplay, but it was almost ignored by TR community.

0.72a rev. 6


(FEditor) Added one-shot flipeffect functionality. Stand-alone savetrigger flipeffect feature removed (you can use SAVE_GAME command now).

0.72a rev. 5


(GFX2) Added few options for ricochets.
(Camera) Added option for unifying normal/battle camera.
(FURR) Added «Play any animation» command.
Depsite the fact that PLAY_ANIM command was rather SYNTAX.FLN update than TREP update, this command was considered one of the most useful FURR commands.

0.72a rev. 4


(Credits) Added option to fix flyby credits bug.
Also preset loading / restoring to defaults speed increased.

0.72a rev. 3


(RTEditor) Added event timer fine-tune and raw value indicator.
Also flipeffect and racetimer event arrays now dynamic (RaceTimerSlots and TriggerSlots parameters in config).
Extended tomb4.exe section now occupies 512k (more size for flipeffects and racetimer events).

0.72a rev. 2


Fixed wrong time parameter type calculation.



Fixed potential errors with very old presets (pre-0.67).
(FEditor) Removed one zero-byte bug on flipeffect compiling.
Added TIME parameter type (for START_TIMER_FROM command).
Also constant assignation now can be command-exclusive (read updated FURRLanguage Reference for details).
Command file extended with new commands again.
Added Race Timer Editor (FURRLanguage-compliant).
Another notable release that allowed to assign any code to any racetimer value. Unfortunately, as with flipeffect editor, racetimer editor's full potential was not unleashed even in the last TREP's days.


08 Jul 2006

(FEditor) Command file extended with new commands.
Constant/command arrays now dynamic (i. e. no limits).
Added constant assignation and extra parameter types.
Fixed spellchecker (now parametric fool-protection works stable).
Also added command list feature.
(Light) Added options for alarmlight functionality.
(GFX2) Added options for sprinkler object.
(Physics) Added a lot of new rotation factors (thanks to Harly Wuson!).
(Weapon) Added twin weapon override.

0.7a test

05 Jul 2006

Added «Extend tomb4.exe size» option (needed for Flipeffect Editor).
Added Flipeffect Editor for creating user-defined flipeffects from scratch.  
After seven months, TREP finally evolved into version 0.7 because since this version it allowed you dynamic code compilation via flipeffect editor.


28 Jun 2006

This version has its entry in database, but there is no any changes info left.


24 Jun 2006

Added flyby sequences increaser (from 8 to 64) and secret level workaround.
Lock/stick camera options moved to Camera Customizer.
(GFX2) UW Dust section extended (greetz to Harly Wuson)
(Light) Added amber and blinking light sections.
(Trap) RB link fake height option (useful with remade RB meshes).

0.69a rev. 2

12 Jun 2006

Added Credits sub-customizer (small text editor for editing TR4 hardcoded credits and corresponding options).
(Trap) Added Lightning Conductor interval option.
(GFX1) Added two raw conductor options.
(Sound) (Inventory) Fixed audiotrack and secrets amount write method (now it's written as byte array too), fixed broken SFX sample rate textbox.

0.69a rev. 1


(Trap) Added test option for fixing 2BP 1-5 mode visibility.
(Inventory) Added pick-up showing duration.



Added Object (Trap) Customizer.
(GFX2) Added options for waterfall mist.
(HP/Damage) Added joby spikes HP drain factor.

0.687a rev. 3

05 Jun 2006

(Physics) Added options for two-block platform.

0.687a rev. 2


(GFX2) Fixed widescreen bars width option.
(Camera) Add-on battle camera top.
(Inventory) Fixed invert SMK effect option.
(Light) added option for turning off motorbike headlight.
Added offset output.



(Enemy) Added damage flag options, Von Croy & Guide settings.
(Damage/HP) Ability to turn off mutant's locust attack.
(Limits) Added sprint bar options. HP width formula corrected.
(Weapon) Added extra grenade options.
(Inventory) Fixed «remove pistols» option (now pistols actually will be removed from holsters/inventory on start-up).
(GFX1) Added blood falling speed option.
Minor interface fixes (round sliders & cute Disney-style hand cursor =^-^= ).

0.68a rev. 6

22 May 2006

Enemy limit increaser reconfigured into combined enemy/object increaser (this means now you can create levels with more than 256 objects).
(Damage/HP) HP limit reconfigured to Limit Sub-Customizer for customizing two game bar limits.
Also, missed hotkey small/big medipack values now working too.
(GFX2) Fixed «type mismatch» error in fog table modifier.
(Physics) Added jump gravity and falling damage settings.
Object limit was another legendary TR4 engine limit that was finally broken only after 0.7x  version due to various bugs. Also this version was the first version that allowed to customize internal TR4 heap size.

0.68a rev. 5

19 May 2006

Added Hard Clipping range, fog bulb range/disable options.
(Weapon) Added targeting distances for all weapons.

0.68a rev. 4

18 May 2006

(Bar) Added blinking speed.
(GFX1) Added blood opacity and colour options.
(GFX2) Fade option for widescreen bars now affect fade-outs too. Fog table colour modifier added.
Added rollback to old exe on failed modifying.

0.68a rev. 3

14 May 2006

Enemy limit increaser method 1 re-worked. Also added target buffer relocate option.
EL increaser method 2 removed (it was too buggy).

0.68a rev. 2


Scene remap PE Header incorrect raw data fixed.
Also forced bump-mapping with scene remap patch.


13 May 2006

Added long-awaited option to get rid of high drawing distance crashes.
Re-done VL increaser (now more vertices, also read «Known bugs»).
(GFX1) Added «Override main wallpaper colour» options.
(Physics) Added teeth spikes timer.
One of the toughest TR4 engine limits (high drawing distance crashes because of small scene buffer) was finally broken with this version.

0.67a RC9

01 May 2006

Added hard clipping options (useful with indoor room clipping bugs). 

0.67a RC8

28 Apr 2006

Drawing Distance / Distant Fog values now can be fine-tuned.
Before this version, user was only able to select DD/DF ranges from scarce variety of pre-set values.

0.67a RC7

26 Apr 2006

Added initial Camera Customizer support (incl. FOV setting override).
Added Sound Customizer support. All sound options moved from main window to Sound Customizer.
(Inventory) Added savegame slot increaser (from 15 to 24).
«Force volumetric FX = OFF» option fixed (now more stable).
Enemy limit increaser (method 1) fixed (no more crashes when targeting).

0.67a RC6

17 Apr 2006

Alternate enemy limit increase method (less buggy).
Blinking flare option finally moved to Light Customizer.
Added «Force volumetric FX = OFF» option.
Interface option: possibility to load language file on-the-fly.

0.67a RC5


Increase vertex limit (experimental option, may crash).
Another legendary TR4 engine limit was partially broken with this version.

0.67a RC4

13 Apr 2006

Increase enemy limit / target limit options (experimental option).
First version that was dare enough to kill one of the nasty limitations in TR4 engine. Also, this version begins the series of more serious «limit-killer» TREP updates.

0.67a RC3

12 Apr 2006

Bugfixes: wrong preset version write, grenade flags not properly saved.
(GFX2) Added «Unify amount» for sparkles, added two fadeouts options (change speed and duration).

0.67a RC2

11 Apr 2006

Added support for external language file (russian language included).
All damage and waterfall values converted to positive values too.
Error handlers reconfigured a bit.
«Disable hang game thread» option added (useful when debugging).
(Font) Added options for title screen special effects.
(GFX2) Added options for underwater dust.
(Light) Added red flarelight (TR7-like).
Unfortunately, multi-language feature was removed since version 0.69a, because amount of options was too hard to handle with two different languages.

0.67a RC1

08 Apr 2006

Minor interface fixes, stupid background picture removed, other icon.
Almost all values converted to decimal format (except some low-level values).
«Force twin pigtail» option converted to «Force twin/single/intact».
Added «FE 40/41 save» option to emulate savegame crystal behaviour (trigger).
(GFX1) Added fadeout options for wallpapers (dumb option).
(GFX2) Added flyby widescreen options (bar height and speed).
(Light) Added custom flare colour (you can experiment with values via config), binocs light range (i hope Paolone wouldn't mind :)
(Physics) Added grab-climb delay option.
(Weapon) Added shotgun gunflash mesh reviver, ability to change shotgun smoke puff position (useful when removing smoke), grenade ammo flags (including 2 new hidden unlocked ammo types).
Also, grenade timer now fixed for SAS levels/grenades too.

0.669a rev. 2

24 Jan 2006

Minor interface fixes.



(GFX2) Added animated textures speed.
(Weapon) Crossbow bolt flags, grenade timeout.
Corrected lame «lightNing» mistake.

0.668a rev. 2

20 Jan 2006

Added crossbow bolt fly speed.



Fixed bug with «Object required» runtime error when setting PBO.
(Enemy) Added far jump patch to change Small Scorpion HP.
(Weapon) Added shotgun shot amount and dispersion change.
(Inventory) Option to disable 6x shotgun ammo divider. Also, textboxes for shotgun ammo now limited to 21, because bigger values can cause problems.

0.667a rev. 3

17 Jan 2006

Added «fix holsters» option.

0.667a rev. 2


Fixed preset loading for GFX Customizer 2.



(GFX) Divided in two sections (because of too many options).
(GFX1) Waterfall scroll speed and sky direction now can be changed.
(GFX2) Sparkles (ricochet) and explosion parameters.
(Inventory) Compass options (fix direction bug and remove cheats), inventory item/ammo rotation speed.
(Physics) UW rotation factors added.

0.666a rev. 2

10 Jan 2006

(HP/Damage) Added previously missed Wild Boar damage textbox.



(HP/Damage) Extended to support majority of enemy's attack power.
(Bar) X position for loading bar added.
Ability to turn on twin ponytail for old Lara.


07 Jan 2006

(GFX) Much more colours in GFX Customizer
(Physics) Ability to disable vehicle explosion.


04 Jan 2006

(Inventory) Added «Remove unlimited pistol ammo» and Pistol Ammo quantity features.


02 Jan 2006

Added initial HP/Damage Customizer.
Also, «underwater_door» bugfix now made more flexible, so you're now able not only to remove wrong sound, but also re-assign sound ID.
Same for «no ammo» bugfix.


31 Dec 2005

Added shell gravity and «underwater_door» bugfix.
Also, code optimized a bit.


30 Dec 2005

Load/save options added to Inventory Customizer.

0.64a2 rev. 2

28 Dec 2005

No more low-quality jpegs, if you aware of it.
Icon changed, fixed bug with program staying in memory after pressing «close» button.
Fixed bug with wrong preset physics setting writing.


25 Dec 2005

(Font) Added inventory item font adjustment
(Inventory) Amount of secrets, possibility to replace pistols item ID with pistol ammo item ID.
(Light) Ability to change flare colour (buggy).
(GFX) New entries for smoke durations and gunflash colour addition.
(Bar) Extended to support X position of Sprint and Air bars, also animation support for all ingame bars, ability to change option bars' colours.
Initial Physics Customizer support.
Fixed bug with HP Customizer and Inventory Customizer textbox length limitations.


21 Dec 2005

«Disable inventory» checkbox moved to Inventory Customizer.
Weapon settings moved to newly created Weapon Customizer.
Crossbow and grenade launcher damage settings added.
Also, Font Customizer available now.


17 Dec 2005

(Inventory) Fixed bug when you haven't been able to set amount of start-up items more than 127.
(Enemy) Also, Small Scorpion HP textbox removed from HP customizer, cause it produce a lot of bugs.
(Enemy) All enemies' HP limited to 32767 (like they are actually in game).
(Bar) «Poisoned» colour added.


16 Dec 2005

Added Enemy HP customizer.
(Light) Effective area for flame emitter 1 added.
(Inventory) Default Grenade Gun ammo changer and possibility to change Small Medipack effect.


15 Dec 2005

Patching method changed once again.
This patching method (converting ASCII hex into byte array) is still used by TREP and all its modules (DRACO, FURR, etc.) nowadays.


13 Dec 2005

Added Inventory customizer, Light customizer, ability to lock/stick camera and change ricochet colour.
Fixed bug with wrong trep.cfg directory.
Ability to change executable name via config.


09 Dec 2005

Added initial GFX customizer support.
Also, support for config file, presets and silent patch.
This version implemented config file functions that is still used by contemporary TREP versions. That's the reason why version numbers were stuck to 0.6x  until July 2006.


05 Dec 2005

Re-done patching method, so now tomb4.exe will be not corrupted. Also added support for customizing bars, minor interface fixes.


03 Dec 2005

Sorry, previous alpha was bugged and has corrupted all TR4 engine versions and one of TRLE versions.
The reason is all game engine versions require different values to replace (i. e. there is no common pattern for some parameters).
Also, bug with «0.009» dynamic light intensity solved and DD/DF range now more flexible when set less than default.


02 Dec 2005

Fixed disappearance for fish enemies, much more new options are added.
TR 4.5 Patcher renamed to TREP.
Note that pixelated about screen that was used since this version all along is nothing more but ripped-off cover art from
Pan Sonic's «Kulma» album.


26 Nov 2005

Wrong offset(s) for 12 Nov 2002 TRLE ver. fixed, now it should work OK.
Added initial «no more enemy disappear» feature support.
Also, bug with «exe is write-protected» is now removed.


24 Nov 2005

Program re-done with VB6. Sorry, folks, it's just a casualty that i begun to learn VB6 back in 2002, so please, don't complain that it's not in C++ or Delphi!
If you don't want to mess with VB runtime, use standalone patches, which were generated by tpe patching engine.


22 Nov 2005

Polygon cut-off procedure now bypassed more correctly (jmp from cut-off procedure instead just placing wrong value).
Fixed Volumetric FX glitches on far distances.


07 Nov 2005

First version. Generated with tpe patching engine.


TREP is freeware and not a registered trademark and is not protected by any moronic copyright laws.