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Please, PLEASE don't blame me for bad code structure and organizing. I'm not a programmer, so i don't know Windows API, DirectX API and all other things that any good or bad programmer knows. By the way, you can always laugh at TREP source codes, if you're in a bad mood and want to lift-up your spirit.


This source code is not protected by any copyrights or copylefts, as well as by any GPL licenses. You may use it for educational and creative purposes or to privately modify TREP for your own business, if you want to. Here are some terms of use:

1) You MAY FREELY modify TREP source code IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY add new forms, delete them, modify patching algotithms, change interface, etc. etc., but you MUST NOT release your new private builds as new TREP versions without any prompt.

2) However, if you have fixed some serious bugs which were not fixed before, or you have somehow coded ABSOLUTELY NEW options that weren't available in previous TREP versions, like AI/object behaviour changes or some other stunning features, you MAY massively release new TREP version among TR level building community. Also please note that simply changing colours in windows, modifying fonts, button/label layout, message box texts etc. are FREAKING NOT MAJOR CHANGES, and you must keep these small changes to yourself!!!

Just remember that when releasing your new version, you also MUST use some other, your own version index. For example, if your name is John Doe, you can do it like this: TREP v. 0.76-JD or TREP-JD v. 1.00 and so on.

3) Also you CAN create ANY new programs, patchers and utilities based on TREP's code (TREP forks and clones), but you mustn't call them TREP. You even can ignore author of TREP and never mention that your utility is based on TREP code. Of course, in any case, you can't create software that may damage some data on user PCs.


Have fun and good luck in further TR engine patching development!
Written 23 September 2006.
Last edit - 07 January 2007.

Greatest thanks goes to all TR editing people who provided information about TREP through TR forums and everyone who are still enjoying using TREP!
Also credits goes to (in alphabetical order)
: GokuZ, Harly Wuson, Heinz, MontyTRC, Paolone, Tomo. 

TREP is freeware and not a registered trademark and is not protected by any moronic copyright laws.