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TREP preset archive

Depsite the fact that TREP was a level-builder-oriented utility in the first place, it is obvious that it can also drastically improve looks and visual quality of already-existing levels.

This archive allows you to download presets for already existing custom levels that should work well with all old levels.

If you have created some specific preset for some old custom level, or if you're a builder of such level and have created such TREP preset by yourself, please contact me (see contact authors section), and your preset will be added to this database.

All presets are TREP 0.76+ presets.

 Multi-purpose presets

name / link


High quality preset

Multi-purpose preset that should work OK for all old and new custom levels without patched tomb4.exe.

High quality preset (compatibility)

Almost the same thing as above, but without some contradictory options disabled (like static mesh hard collision).

Bugfixes only

This patch only fixes most notable TR4 engine bugs (flare bug, holsters bug, UW door bug etc.) and adds some minor missed features that were previously available only in console versions of TR4 without modifying graphic settings.


Level-specific presets 

level name / link





TREP is freeware and not a registered trademark and is not protected by any moronic copyright laws.