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TRLE / TR4 Engine bugs memorial

Long ago, in the year 1999, fabulous game called «Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation» was released.
Later, in the year 2001, even more fabulous Tomb Raider Level Editor was released.

It was a great idea! However...

Holsters bug
When Lara puts her weapons back into holsters, they will immediately disappear. Perhaps, some kind of magic...

Harmless grenades
No any explosive weapons will cause any damage to Lara. Possible reason: ultra-high-tech grenade-proof bra (discovered by Magnus, developed supposedly by Core).

Compass bug
There is no physics in Tomb Raider 4. Do you know why? Because in the real world, no any compass will point to South instead of North.

Flare bug
You can't use more than 32 flame emitters. You just can't. If you will dare to break this taboo, you will be punished with unworkable flares and binoculars that will crash game right to the desktop.

Sprite bug
If too much sprites are activated, some of them will occasionally fly all around. Mostly it appears as chaotically moving flame emitter sprites or sprinkler / rain particles.

Locked-up pushable bug
If you will quickly press and release FORWARD and ACTION buttons when Lara prepares to push/pull pushable object, it will occasionally lock-up and Lara won't be able to push/pull it again. But magically, if Lara will try to push or pull another pushable after this, both these pushables will move at the same time!

255 vertices bug
Contemporary 3D graphics standards allow to use up to 65535 vertices in each mesh. For some reason, in TR4 engine, upper byte of vertices value is trashed, so it's possible to use only lower byte, i. e. only 255 vertices.

Trashed inventory background
When screen resolution bigger than 640x480 and color depth is 32-bit, inventory screen background will be covered in myriads of vertical lines.

Scorpion attacks — «screen goes wacko»
If Lara will be attacked or touched by a scorpion, sometimes something awful will happen with TR4 engine's internals, and whole screen will be destroyed.

Raising blocks won't restore collision after flipmap activation
When you're activating alternate room with raising blocks in it, raising block's collision won't be moved to alternate room.

Blacked-out credits screen on certain PCs
It is not possible to use final credits on certain PCs, because whole credits screen won't be visible.

Stretching polygon bug
TR4 engine simply dislike some wads and express it as showing you nasty stretching polygon(s) pointing from center of the screen to one of the corners.

«Poisoned» darts
It looks like that these darts supposed to be poisoned... But someone rescued Lara from poisoning and supplied her with ultra-cool automated antidote which activates immediately after poisoned dart will get Lara.

Killer key
Press 1 button on the keyboard during title flyby and say «hello» to another TR4 engine bug!

Underwater door sound playing when Lara gets shot
You will hear this strange sound every time when Lara will be shot by Baddy 1, Baddy 2 or SAS.

Ability to unholster pistols underwater with hotkey
...but you still can't use them. Pity.

«Go on, try it!»

 Feel free to report about other TR4 engine bugs, and these bugs surely will find their place in this memorial!


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