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TREP: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: TREP packages are in RAR and 7Z format. How do I extract .rar and .7z archives?
A: Use 7-Zip.

Q: Can you please add Dreamcast-like dynamic shadows, pixel shaders, cubemaps, HDR, FSAA and anisotropic filtering etc. to TR4 engine?
A: No. These features will require to drastically change game engine, and everything you can get for now is SLIGHT changes of EXISTING engine features.

Q: But I badly want cool modern graphics and totally something new! What I got to do?
A: Go to and learn something about forthcoming FexEngine.

Q: Your stupid program is not compatible with Paolone's TombPatcher!
A: I suppose that Paolone's patcher uses some header data or checksum to identify TR4 version. Latest TREP versions modifies header data, so if you've modified your EXE with TREP, TombPatcher won't recognize it. Solution: use Paolone's patches BEFORE using TREP. If your executable crashes after using some Paolone's patches and TREP, it means that these two patch tools fixes same problem in different ways. So you have to choose which way is better for you.

Q: Is your stupid program compatible with Paolone's NGLE?
A: Yes, however, it is compatible only with early versions of it, that were released prior to NGLE+Tomb4NG combo package (obviously because Tomb4NG is completely different patching system). Unfortunately, since NGLE went through rocketed development in the past 3 years, compatible versions are abandoned and hard-to-find.

Q: Will your stupid program be compatible with Paolone's Tomb4 NextGen?
A: As stated above, no.

Q: Is your stupid program compatible with Tomo's TRGE patch?
A: Since releasing of recent weather and position changer DRACO patches, it is not compatible with TRGE, but anyway, all TRGE features are now available in TREP.

Q: Your stupid program is too slow!
A: Yes, it is not optimized for now and uses a lot of dumb and non-effective VB code, sorry. Maybe few optimizations will be done later.

Q: My executable isn't recognized by TREP!
A: For now, TREP only compatible with european TRLE tomb4.exe version. You can get it at in patch section.

Q: When I try to run TREP, I get messages about MSVBM60.DLL and/or COMDLG32.OCX files missing or invalid!
A: TREP uses MS Visual Basic libraries. You can download it at

Q: When I'm trying to run TREP, it just shows me LOADING splash screen for a millisecond and then unloads!
A: Most likely it happens because you haven't COMDLG32.OCX file installed in your windows directory. Install MS Visual Basic libraries.

Q: When I try to run TREP, it gives me messages about «Can't find proper config» and «Out of memory», even if I have proper config!
A: Well, it happens exactly because you're running out of memory. Close any heavy apps (like Photoshop, 3dsmax, any M$-office-like software) and re-launch TREP.

Q: When I try to exit TREP with Alt+F4 combination during patch process, it gives me a lot of error messages and crashes with runtime error!
A: DO NOT exit TREP with Alt+F4 combination during patching :)

Q: Can you tell me quick settings for highest quality graphics and all possible limits broken?
A: Check out this preset.

Q: Patches.drc, syntax.fln... What's this? Why do I need these files and why I should update them?
A: Both these files MUST be in TREP's directory, or else some of TREP features (like FEditor/RTEditor and DRACO custom patch module) won't work. You must update them cause it may contain new commands and patch features. It's like antivirus bases or something like this.

Q: What's up with these weird parameters in patches.drc file? I mean, «bambi, ronno, gprince, faline, mena»?
A: You see, author of this tool is a HUGE fan of Bambi 2 movie, so all parameters in patches.drc file are named in honour of all deer characters of this film.

Q: Is it possible to patch winroomedit.exe, tom2pc.exe, script.exe and any other TRLE tools?
A: For now, TREP only supports editing of TR4 engine. No ANY plans of editing ANY TRLE tools and especially winroomedit, because in my humble opinion, no any patches can revive this awful program. So if you're unhappy with official editor itself, you can use dxtre3d instead.

Q: Can you add TR1-TR3-like static mesh hard collision to TR4 engine?
A: It's possible with latest draco custom patches file. However, you should note that you CAN'T place statics diagonally when this patch is applied.

Q: Can you add classic TR1-TR3 climbable / standable pushables to TR4 engine?
A: It's possible with latest draco custom patches file.

Q: Any possibility to add new weapons, like harpoon gun, flamethrower, M16 etc.?
A: You can emulate some weapons with existing TR4 weapon slots and modifying its properties, but as for adding completely other weapon slots — no.

Q: Can melee attacks be added to TR4?
A: No, also no any new moves, actions and gameplay modifications can be added yet.

Q: Can BINK/RPL video and OGG/MP3 audiotrack support be added to TR4?
A: Bink Video and OGG Vorbis audio (as well as MP3 audio) is already supported with latest patches.drc file! Check it out!

Q: Your tool is so buggy! It produces very strange bugs! I can't and I won't use it!
A: It will be great if you will stop screaming at places where no one can hear your scream, and instead share your thoughts about how this tool should look and work like in some popular english-language TRLE forums. And if you don't like it at all, use other patches — there are a lot of them these days.


TREP is freeware and not a registered trademark and is not protected by any moronic copyright laws.